Analisis fundamental forex trading

analisis fundamental forex trading

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However, in order to get the most realistic answer to this question, it is necessary not only to observe the chart on the analisis fundamental forex trading platform but also to constantly monitor what is happening in the world.

In this, fundamental analysis helps traders.

Abordări ale tranzacţionării pe piață

The euro against the dollar analisis fundamental forex trading up due to the news Such statements are used by the experts in their daily fundamental market analysis and reviews. If a well-known company has poorly reported for the quarter and has received less profit than expected, this will upset investors: its shares will no longer be so attractive, will begin to be sold, and the price for them will fall down.

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A long rainy season in America can ruin the cotton crop: the volume of the available consignment will be less than planned and prices will soar.

All of these are important factors that are inextricably linked to trading and are called fundamental analysis.

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What events should be taken into account? Natural disasters When we speak about natural disasters, we mean extreme weather occasions, such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis.

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Mass casualties, damage to infrastructure and a general sense of fear can have a detrimental effect on a country's economy, especially since the government will have to allocate a considerable recovery budget. As a result, the national currency inevitably weakens. So, e.

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Hostilities Countries, involved in a military conflict, should finance armaments, cope with losses and even warn them, as well as control the mass consciousness due to fear and chaos reign.

All this, of course, destabilizes the economy.

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  • There are several trading methods used by traders.
  • There are several ways to analyze markets and financial instruments.

Consequently, prolonged confrontation can lead to significant market volatility and cause the depreciation of the national currencies of the warring countries. This events, as a rule, cause increased fluctuations volatility in the national currency course.

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Other significant events include comments of politicians after the meetings, unexpected management decisions, scandals, international sanctions, confrontations, results of the negotiations of the countries leaders etc. Economic indicators The main tool of the professional trader is the Economic Calendar.

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  3. Abordări ale tranzacţionării pe piață Technical Analysis Technical analysis is the method of evaluating traded products by analyzing statistics generated by market activity, such as past prices and volume.

At the moment of the actual statistic data publication, it immediately appears in the rightmost column. It also indicates the publication time, the name of the indicator, its description, the previous and predicted value.

Here are examples of the most important economic indicators in the Calendar they mark by three exclamation signs : Central Bank interest rate decision Nonfarm Payrolls NFP.