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Archaeological evidence indicates that Mississippian culture traits probably began in the St. Louis, Missouri area and spread northwest along the Mississippi and Illinois rivers and entered the state along the Kankakee River system. They brought with them a well-developed agricultural complex based on three major crops— maizebeansand squash.

Maize, or corn, was the primary crop of Mississippian farmers. They gathered a wide variety of seeds, nuts, and berries, and fished and hunted for fowl to supplement their diets. With such an intensive form of agriculturethis culture supported large populations.

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The Mississippians suffered a tremendous population decline aboutcoinciding with the global climate change of the Little Ice Age. Their culture effectively ooo ost recenzii de tranzacționare vest before Most numerous were the Huron and Ooo ost recenzii de tranzacționare vest.

Fighting and battle were often launched between tribes, with the losers forced to flee. Some tribes—such as the Stockbridge-Munsee and the Brothertown —are also Algonkian-speaking tribes who relocated from the eastern seaboard to the Great Lakes region in the 19th century.

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They made canoes for fishing. Most of them lived in oval or conical wigwams that could be easily moved away. Various tribes had different ways of living.

The Ojibwas were primarily hunters and fishing was also important in the Ojibwas economy.

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Other tribes such as Sac, Fox, and Miami, both hunted and farmed. In the northern forests, the Ottawas and Potawatomis separated into small family groups for hunting. The Winnebagos and Menominees used both hunting methods interchangeably and built up widespread trade networks extending as far west as the Rockies, north to the Great Lakes, south to the Gulf of Mexicoand east to the Atlantic Ocean.

All tribes were governed under chiefdoms or complex chiefdoms. For example, Hurons were divided into matrilineal clans, each represented by a chief in the town council, where they met with a town chief on civic matters.

But Chippewa ooo ost recenzii de tranzacționare vest social and political life was simpler than that of settled tribes. Hurons believed in Yoscaha, a supernatural being who lived in the sky and was believed to have created the world and the Huron people. At death, Hurons thought the soul left the body to live in a village in the sky. Chippewas were a deeply religious people who believed in the Great Spirit.

They worshiped the Great Spirit through all their seasonal activities, and viewed religion as a private matter: Each person's relation with his personal guardian spirit was part of his thinking every day of life.

Ottawa and Potawatomi people had very similar religious beliefs to those of the Chippewas. There were orchards and fields of crops that were maintained by indigenous women. Corn was their most important crop. The Plains Indians are the indigenous peoples who live on the plains and rolling hills of the Great Plains of North America.

Their colorful equestrian culture and famous conflicts with settlers and the US Army have made the Plains Indians archetypical in literature and art for American Indians everywhere.

Some tribes are described as part of the 'Buffalo Culture' sometimes called, for the American Bison.

Although the Plains Indians hunted other animals, such as elk or antelopebison was their primary game food source. Bison flesh, hide, and bones from Bison hunting provided the chief source of raw materials for items that Plains Indians made, including food, cups, decorations, crafting tools, knives, and clothing. The Plains Indians lived in teepees because they were easily disassembled and allowed the nomadic life of following game.

When Spanish horses were obtained, the Plains tribes rapidly integrated them into their daily lives. By the early 18th century, many tribes had fully adopted a horse culture. Before their adoption of guns, the Plains Indians hunted with spearsbowsand bows and arrowsand various forms of clubs. The use of horses by the Plains Indians made hunting and warfare much easier.

The area of the Great Sioux Nation spread throughout the South and Midwest, up into the areas of Minnesota and stretching out west into the Rocky Mountains.

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At the same time, they occupied the heart of prime buffalo range, and also an excellent region for furs they could sell to French and American traders for goods such as guns. The Sioux Dakota became the most powerful of the Plains tribes and the greatest threat to American expansion.

Iháŋktȟuŋwaŋ and Iháŋktȟuŋwaŋna "Village-at-the-end" and "little village-at-the-end" : residing in the Minnesota River area, they are considered the middle Sioux, and are often referred to as the Yankton and the Yanktonai, or, collectively, as the Wičhíyena endonym or the Western Dakota and have been erroneously classified as Nakota [31].

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Thítȟuŋwaŋ or Teton uncertain : the westernmost Sioux, known for their hunting and warrior culture, are often referred to as the Lakota. Today, the Sioux maintain many separate tribal governments scattered across several reservations, communities, and reserves in the Dakotas, Nebraska, Minnesota, and Montana in the United States, as well as Manitoba and southern Saskatchewan in Canada.

White defines the middle ground like so: The ooo ost recenzii de tranzacționare vest ground is the place in between cultures, peoples, and in between empires and the non state world of villages. It is a place where many of the North American subjects and allies of empires lived.

It is the area between the historical foreground of European invasion and occupation and the background of Indian defeat and retreat.

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XXVI White specifically designates "the lands bordering the rivers flowing into the northern Great Lakes and the lands south of the lakes to the Ohio" as the location of the middle ground.

The middle ground was formed on the foundations of mutual accommodation and common meanings established between the French and the Indians that then transformed and degraded as both were steadily lost as the French ceded their influence in the region in the aftermath of their defeat in the Seven Years' War and the Louisiana Purchase.

The French period began with the exploration of the Saint Lawrence River by Jacques Cartier in and ending with their cessation of the majority of their holdings in North America to Great Britain in the Treaty of Paris.

They traveled through Michigan's upper peninsula to the northern tip of Lake Michigan. On canoes, they crossed the massive lake and landed at present-day Green BayWisconsin.

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They entered the Mississippi River on June 17, Nevertheless, the journey continued. They recorded much of the wildlife they encountered. Ooo ost recenzii de tranzacționare vest turned around at the junction of the Mississippi River and Arkansas River and headed back. They confirmed that it was easy to travel from the St. Lawrence River through the Great Lakes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico by water, that the native peoples who lived along the route were generally friendly, and that the natural resources of the lands in between were extraordinary.

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New France officials led by LaSalle followed up and erected a 4,mile network of fur trading posts. It care platforme de tranzacționare sunt mai bune the foundation upon which their interactions were built and was a system that would evolve over time.

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Goods often traded included guns, clothing, blankets, strouds, cloth, tobacco, silver, and alcohol. These gifts held greater meaning to the relationship between the two than a simple economic exchange because the trade itself was inseparable from the social relations it fostered and the alliance it created.

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The French, regarded as the metaphoric father, were expected to provide for the needs of the Algonquians and, in return, the Algonquians, the metaphoric children, would be obligated to assist and obey them. Traders coming into Indian villages facilitated this system of symbolic exchange to establish or maintain alliances and friendships. This would eventually culminate in Pontiac's Rebellion during